Q: Will my data be secure, accessible only by my company?
Yes. Server(s) of each company reside on a separate and secure network, in a Boston datacenter.

Q: I am interested in cloud services, but leery of the major cloud service providers.
CTP Cloud is a Boston company, with datacenters in the Boston area – only. We are local, with local people and local resources.

Q: How do I save money with hosted cloud services?
1) shared server resources; 2) high availability managed in the datacenter 3) no responsibility for hardware refreshes.

Q: Who supports my employees IT needs?
CTP Cloud does offer Managed Services, which will support employees and their assigned equipment (PC, laptop, other), as well as server updates and administration. Your company can alternately choose to assign this role to an employee or other individual.

Q: How does backup work?
CTP Cloud offers a backup as an option, allowing for restore of individual files or folders from a point in time. You may elect to use an alternate backup solution. All severs are replicated within the data center, as part of the basic service availability requirement, but this should not be considered a backup solution.


Q: How is Veeam Backup and Replication software licensed?
Most of our customers operate a Veeam B&R server in their local datacenter, licensed on a rental basis, and backing all servers to local storage – most often a NAS device. Veeam Cloud Connect, hosted by CTP, appears as a repository to the local Veeam server, allowing for backup sets to be copied off site.

Q: My company has purchased a full Veeam license – can we still leverage CTP services?
CTP can present as a remote repository in this scenario, as well, and offering the same Disaster Recovery resources.

Q: How does DR work?
Veeam backups copied to the Cloud Service Repository are in a form that can be easily and quickly mounted as a Virtual Machine. At this point the VM is the same server as had been running in your datacenter, at the point of the last backup. Depending upon the nature of the disaster, your company network can be connected directly to the CTP datacenter via VPN, or your employees can connect directly and securely to the datacenter from any Internet accessible location. All connections are secure and isoloated to your compay.

Q: My infrastructure is not virtualized. Can CTP help with my backup needs?
Yes. CTP has been supporting backup solutions for companies for over 15 years, has a broad knowledge base and has developed many different solutions for meeting the requirements of on site backup, off-site storage, and a demonstrable plan to recover within the stated Service Level Agreement timeframe.