Collaborative Technology Partners provides Managed Technology Services (MTS) for support of small business networks in an on-premises, cloud hosted or mixed environment.

MTS Secure is based on the standard MTS offer, designed to include a core set of security measures – those that we suggest should be as commonplace as the good Internet firewall that has become standard best practice for business.

  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Web-reputation service
  • Compartmentalization
  • Account privileges
  • Outbound Internet connections blocked by default.

We know that the conventional tools of firewall and anti-virus software, while very important, are no longer sufficient to prevent compromise of our networks. Attention, then, turns to how to most effectively and transparently handle this reality.

Five measures are listed, above, that are proven, effective, and in our opinion should become standard best practice. The goal behind these measures is to make it very difficult for a hacker to explore your network or access the servers on which information is stored.

Aside from two-factor authentication, which is available as a hosted service, it should be possible to implement these measures using the equipment that your business already owns. 

You might notice that monitoring and intrusion detection are not included in this core list. CTP thinks highly of monitoring, and of numerous other security measures. We love to speak to these topics, and routinely implement these for area companies. Our essential message here, though, is that these five security measures should be implemented by all companies, that they are effective and can make a significant difference.

White Paper: MSP Secure – Five Core Security Measures (pdf)

We know that small business is now attracting a disproportionate share of cyber attacks, targeted for trade secrets and sensitive corporate data. It does make a difference to be living and doing business in a region that is known for being at the forefront of business and technical knowledge.

CTP has 20 years experience helping small businesses manage their networks. We have developed expertise with a spectrum of security measures, many of which are highly technical, primarily in support of financial services companies. Our client companies, however, represent a much broader spectrum than just financial services, and include manufacturing, construction, sales, healthcare, and more.

We find that there is a fundamental disconnect between the well documented threat to all small business and the budgeting and implementation of security measures. This is made all the worse by the tremendous cost variances of different technologies and recommendations. In many cases this leads to the question: My business does not have the sensitive information characteristic of a financial services company – what are the security measures that I really need to have?