Collaborative Technology Partners, Inc., is a Boston MA based provider of Cloud Services, MSP and Cyber Security Consulting for companies operating in a Microsoft environment.

Cyber security is of particular importance today for all business, including small companies. And not to overlook that the technology and business expertise of the Boston area makes us a valuable target for some very talented and motivated enterprises. CTP has benefited from direct experience with security incidences over 20 years time, has worked with law enforcement, Microsoft, and some top national security firms. And – CTP is eager to share with your business basic measures that all companies should take, 

CTP has a research and development background, a history with large consulting companies delivering on large Microsoft Exchange migrations (50K seats magnitude), and applying the discipline and knowedge from this experience to solving problems, sometimes complicate and multi-disciplinary. This approach has allowed for successful projects, in some cases with solutions that have produced very signficant cost savings.

Network Management

CTP is a managed services provider, supporting all or part of a companies network – desktop, end-user support, network, servers and services, in many cases integrating with company staff.

How does your business accommodate an intruder?

Whether your business data is located in a local data center or cloud service, it is likely that at some point an intruder will gain access. Now there is a different question: is your network prepared to make things difficult for that intruder? What if that attacker was unable to gain privileged access or export business data? 

Case Studies: Network security

Network security has a very technical basis – hard to convey without putting an audience to sleep. So here we try with three case studies.


Compliance may apply to your company directly, or indirectly through your customers who may require a security statement and / or compliance with HIPAA, SEC 17a, or other .



Core Microsoft technologies are Active Directory, Windows server, Exchange, SQL, and remote services.

Veeam Cloud Service Provider

As a Veeam Cloud Service provider, CTP serves as an off-site repository for your local Veeam system, receiving backup copy data and / or VM replication.


CTP has a strong working knowledge with the software, server, storage and networking components of vSphere.

Veeam Backup & Repl

CTP has a strong working knowledge of Veeam – backup, replication, SureBackup, sandbox, Disaster Recovery scenarios and testing.

Microsoft PKI

An In-house PKI system has become an important component of network security – CTP typically installs a 3-tier PKI with redundant intermediate CAs and support for both Microsoft and Linux systems.


CTP has extensive experience with Exchange for large large enterprise down to small business, over the entire lifespan of the product.


CTP has solid networking experience for small and medium business – Cisco, SonicWall, Palo Alto, most major brands of firewall, switch and router.

Business Continuity

Planning for IT infrastructure and technology in support of Business Continuity, including documentation and testing.