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In any industry, keeping up with technology changes is important to success. For healthcare, advances like electronic health records, cloud hosting and security software are not just part of life – they are critical pieces of physician’s ability to care for their patients.

With more and more regulations governing how and what type of technology doctors need to have – particularly with growing cyber crime – managing your technology needs isn’t optional.

While some software and hardware can be managed in-house, making sure your practice has the right technology, right security protections, meets all HIPAA requirements, and has systems optimized to your needs may be impossible on your own.

Healthcare IT Solutions

Comprehensive IT Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Our IT Support staff will help you make the best technology and software decisions possible. We will implement, manage and support your technology and software so that your doctors and staff can focus on serving patients not concerning themselves with the IT network allowing them to do it.

  • Administrative, technical, physical and organizational safeguards

  • E-mail archiving

  • Mobile device management

  • Phishing e-mail awareness and other security-based staff training to prevent breaches

  • Data encryption across all devices and programs

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