About CTP

Cameron Owen Managing Partner

– Chief Technology Officer COWEN@CTPINC.US

Cameron Owen has been an IT consultant for over 25 years, engaging and leading consulting teams for projects ranging from 30,000+ seats to very small, for global companies with many offices to companies with a single office. Cam has worked with consulting firms ranging from very small to international, as a consultant directly engaged in projects as well as developing new business and leading project teams. Cam has direct experience with most of the technologies in use within IT today, including the common operating systems, LAN / WAN / firewall technologies, Citrix, servers and workstations, SANs, server clustering and backup. Cam has over 15 years of programming experience with languages ranging from assembly (main frame) to C.

Prior to his consulting career, Cam was a biomedical researcher in the field of Structural Biology. He received his BA from Vanderbilt University, Ph.D. from University of Pennsylvania, completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Brandeis University, and took a joint appointment at The Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. The analytic approach coming from many years of research has a way of finding itself into design and implementation of projects, as does an often creative approach to developing projects within industry that are unique in addressing the particular requirements of an individual company.

Brian Doherty Managing Partner
– Sales and Operations

Mr. Doherty is an experienced sales executive and a veteran of the networking industry with over 30 years of direct sales and sales management experience. Mr. Doherty joined CTP in the summer of 2004, with responsibility for building the sales organization of the company. Mr. Doherty co-founded his own company, BizTech Partners, from Lucent Technologies, a provider of networking products and solutions, where he drove business in Lucent’s Northeast Regional accounts in both the Enterprise and Carrier markets. He spent over five years in sales management at Lucent’s Data Networking Division, contributing to their growth from start-up to the fastest growing division within Lucent.

Mr. Doherty has vast experience in recruiting, developing, motivating, and directing sales and engineering organizations and has been highly successful in driving acceptance of new technology in small and mid-sized businesses. Previous to Lucent Technologies, Mr. Doherty was a sales executive at Bay Networks, which was acquired by Nortel Networks. At Bay, he excelled at servicing small and mid-sized businesses throughout New England. In this capacity Mr. Doherty learned the unique requirements and value demands of clients in this market segment, which makes up over 98% of the existing businesses in New England.

Make the Move

For a small business, moving to the cloud is a no-brainer. You get scale, power, redundancy, reliability, disaster recovery, accountability, professional management, maintenance, and security but, perhaps most importantly, you get freedom from managing business technology yourself — a perennial headache if there ever was one. Move IT Infrastructure to the Cloud?

What SMBs Need to Know: By Allen Bernard Samll Business Computing.com


“As the IT Director at Bridge Energy Group, I grew to rely on CTP for my Microsoft centric application projects.  From a messy exchange migration that was handled expertly which drastically improved both performance and reliability, to a complex sharepoint implementation, to a complete configuration of SCCM, I know I can always count on the expert staff at CTP to execute in a friendly, professional manner. Do it with CTP, and do it right the first time!”

– Mike Davis