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Times are challenging for nonprofit organizations, so it is understandable if they want to avoid spending in non-program areas, such as tech support. But this approach to IT can backfire. The unofficial office “techie” has an entire other job to do, leaving little time for preventive maintenance, keeping up with the latest security threats, or developing a strategic technology plan. Unfortunately, neglecting any of these functions can cost your nonprofit significant money down the road.

Non-Profit IT Solutions

Don’t think like a nonprofit!

Nonprofit organizations looking to buy or upgrade computer hardware and software, or who are seeking a consultant to provide routine computer support, system maintenance and repairs need not look for a technical support provider that specializes in nonprofit clients. When it comes to outsourcing IT support nonprofits should think more like for-profit businesses.

  • With an IT company providing computer support, nonprofits have on-demand access to a variety of individuals with specialized skills and the latest training.

  • Outsourcing IT support allows nonprofits to efficiently access IT services only as needed.

  • A qualified IT services company can offer its nonprofit client an established process for ongoing technical documentation, systems planning and budgeting guidance.

  • A one-person IT service shop necessarily limits your company’s access to support. When your network goes down, response time is critical.
  • Your IT services partner company should be able to remotely access your network. This improves response time and saves money, as many problems can be resolved without an on-site visit.

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